Finding Friends with Benefits Has Never Been So Simple [Here’s Why]


If you’ve been spending your nights alone in bed, feeling lonely, then you might be in need of a little tender love and care. Finding a friend with benefits is just that; a friend who you also fuck. The Year 2018 has brought about a new age of sexuality that everyone seems to be a part of thanks to these friends with benefits dating apps.

  • Finding Someone Near You

    Using dating apps has revolutionized the hookup game of the 21st century. No more days of texting some girl you met at a summer camp for 30 days straight just to maybe take a ‘nap’ with her at movie night. All you have to do is upload a couple of pictures, link your facebook. Next thing you know, you’ve got a solution to those lonely nights.

    You can set your distance to 1 mile away, or you could set it to 100. Doesn’t matter what your preference is but my advice? Find out how far away the nearest university is and set it to that distance. That way, if you need help with your homework, you can just ask them.

    Another pro tip I can offer you is if you’re not that good looking, post as many pictures of you with your dog as you can. Focus on good angles, lighting and try to stray away from bathroom mirror pics and selfies in general.

  • Building a Relationship

    When Finding a friend with benefits, focus on the first word of that phrase; ‘friend.’ Find someone who you get along with. Try to have a meaningful conversation with them over whichever platform. If you guys don’t get along then you might be subject to some awkward pillow talk, which in my opinion is worse than torture.

    Who knows, you might accidentally fall in love with this chick and end up finding a wife on accident. Let’s just say that’s worst case scenario.

    At the very least, check and see if she wants to get drinks with you. Maybe those drinks will lead to something a little more exciting than a “tropical storm margarita.” Even if she can’t get drinks that day, she might still be showing interest in you. If that’s the case, then go ahead and see if ‘snapchat FWB’ is something she’s interested in.

  • Apps

    Social media is like crack cocaine for people in 2018. We all love getting showered with attention on social media, but no girl wants to receive 30 snapchats from you a day unless she’s sending you 30 back.

    However, apps like snapchat can really help bridge that gap between people who are a little too far away to get dinks. There’s nothing wrong with getting a few ‘fresh out the shower’ snaps now and then so don’t cross that option off of your list.

    The last piece of advice I could give anyone reading this is this: have fun and don’t get discouraged. If girls are getting upset with you, then you might be being a little too aggressive so tone it back. On the flip side of that – If you’re not getting any attention back at all, you might be either approaching the situation wrong or not being forward enough.

    Just remember that there’s a girl out there who wants to wake up next to you and eventually you will find her.