5 Clothing Items for Men to Look Sharp in 2018

1.) Polo

 Men are no strangers to the polo shirt, which is also known as a tennis shirt or golf shirt. Your mother had dressed you in these for as long as you’ve been able to go out into the open world. You’ve spent your lifetime watching middle-aged guys rock these shirts tucked into dress pants. Plus, you’ve probably started considering them as you’ve begun to think about your own style, think these shirts are solely for prep school kids and old dudes out on the golf course. However, the reality is that the polo shirt happens to be one of the classiest and most adaptable shirts in your wardrobe if you concentrate on getting the fit right.

2.) Feasible Jeans

Stay clear of baggy jeans. You’ll have to refrain from needing to pull up your jeans every other second. They should keep themselves around your waist without a belt. And, they should not swoosh around your ankles. That being said, stay away from decorating, meaning No excessive distressing, no ripping,  and no bleaching. Instead of doing all of that, just keep your jeans plain and simple. Aim for a straighter, cleaner dark-blue pair that fits like it was made especially for you.

3.) Nabbed Shirts

A college session or maybe just going out for a casual get together? Either occasion calls for seemingly classier apparel but now class has spun into some fashion knowledge and no man would ever turn down wearing caught shirts? These are the most a last minute shirts you can wear and look cool in. Whether you tuck these into your jeans or pants, they’d show style sense in your look. Try to let the old outlines and hues be, and instead go for new fashions. Rock a straightforward busted shirt with softened cowhide oxfords and moved up skinny jeans.

4.) The 80’s Are Back

Every man’s fashion icon for next year is equivalent to his dad’s fashion back in 1983. From pastel colors to boxy suit jackets and light wash jeans alongside frayed hems. Menswear will see silhouettes and different hints and shades that root right from the decade of Dynasty trending immensely on the catwalks in all three fashion capitals right now. For the best advice in this growing comeback trend, refer to your parents’ photo albums from the 1980s. With this new look, you’ll be the freshest looking one at the Talking Heads concert.

5.) The Legendary Cross-Body

This thing could easily be mistaken for the New Backpack. Maybe the iPhone has finally gotten too large and hefty to fit into  man’s pants pockets, or maybe it’s that men happen to be wearing pants that don’t have pockets at all—for example, track pants, sweatpants and joggers. Either way, the “man purse” takeover is totally occurring right as we speak. Many of these bags are often slung across the torso for a hands-free, cross-body–meets–fanny pack feel. Maybe this trend will remind you a lot of your dad’s fanny pack back in ‘95, however dadly trends are coming back, so it’s better to just take advantage.

In the video below, there are some style hacks that every guy should know!